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Prosecutors had recommended an imposed three- to five-year prison sentence as part of a plea agreement.

The maximum penalty for solicitation of a minor is five years in prison.

ML: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." - Muhammad Ali HC: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

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A Colorado man has been sentenced to 54 to 60 months in prison in a case dating from 2012 in which he allegedly tried to get an 11-year-old Gillette girl to have sex with him. Lyon, 36, had pleaded guilty in District Court to solicitation of a minor to engage in illicit sexual relations.

He was paroled directly to Gillette to face charges here Nov. Lyon’s attorney, public defender Mitchell Damsky, asked that District Judge Michael N. Lyon posed as “Mike” to a girl on instant messenger and had sexually explicit conversations with her over several months. The girl’s mother told police that she saw the messages in June 2012 when the girl left Yahoo! “Mike” admitted to being 30 and “looking for a 12-year-old girlfriend” on one message, telling her that “I got a girl pregnant when she was 11 years old,” according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in the case.

He received a ,000 loan from Bill Cosby to complete the project.The aide reeled at what she found in the police department evidence room.Untagged guns lay stacked in a Tupperware bin like forgotten tools at a garage sale. The real shock, though, was a neglected collection of about 200 rape kits—boxes containing DNA evidence from victims of sexual assault.In one of those phone calls, he left a voicemail asking the girl to get back on the messenger so they could talk. Chat and IM with someone in your area, or you can talk to lots of singles at once in our chat room forum, it's better than a regular chat line.

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Dating as far back as 1986, the vast majority of the cases had never been investigated, and more than a quarter of the kits had never even been submitted for testing.

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