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Not only were they spilling about Botched, but they are both former househusbands so they opened up about what it’s like to step away from the Bravo cameras and adjust to life after ‘The Real Housewives!’First off Paul wanted to make it clear that he is, “We shared Terry’s previous interview with you over the weekend, and he played coy about how Heather really feels now that she’s no longer on RHOC.I use the term, "housewife", in a much more narrow sense ...She may drive a minivan (yikes), she may be overweight (if you are a chubby-chaser, then watch it jiggle), she may be receiving large alimony or child support payments (which can help you pay for stuff).“The first time I made her the zucchini noodle pasta, she didn’t realize it wasn’t a traditional noodle,” Kenworthy said to Bravo.“She didn’t realize it was just purely a vegetable, and so that’s fun and she jokes with people but she tells people ‘When I met Adam I didn’t realize he was a vegan.’ And it kind of goes along with the whole veggie noodle thing,” he recalled. Nor with my cooking style, being a vegan, do I feel like I need to tell anybody I’m a vegan.She was married to Poland’s Prince Anthony Stanislaw Albert Radziwill from 1994 to 1999.

Seriously, is he aware of Adrienne's ongoing Brandi Glanville feud?

The typical universal definition of the term "housewife" is a woman who manages her own household as her career - like a "homemaker".

That type of housewife is married - and I am not referring to married women!

Carole has traveled the world for ABC and has won several awards, including Emmys, a Peabody, a Robert F. You won’t catch Kenworthy ordering a steak or eggs anytime soon—he’s just not that kind of guy.

For the longest time in their relationship, Radziwill didn’t know that her own boyfriend was vegan!

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