Dating of elko eared rojectile points uranium series dating rock art in east timor

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The oldest projectile points found in North America were long thought to date from about 13,000 years ago, during the Paleo-Indian period , ... than to Elko Eared points (Thomas 1981; Table 3).3. In archaeological terms, a projectile point is an object that was hafted to a projectile, such as a ... Windust projectile points are stemmed lanceolate points (Rice 1972 .....[4] an alternative approach is to distinguish arrow points by their necessarily smaller size (weight, length, thickness).

In general, the late prehistoric period is characterized by the appearance of small, pressure-flaked projectile points indicative of bow and arrow technology, the appearance of ceramics, the replacement of flexed inhumations with cremations, and an emphasis on inland plant food collection and processing (meighan 1954; rogers 1945; warren 1964, 1968)..

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a type of small (arrow-sized), triangular, concave- or convex-based points, found on the southern california coast from san luis obsipo to orange county and dated after ca.